Kira Adams has discovered a cure for death – and now her life is in danger.

Things aren’t going well for Kira. At home, she cares for her mother and fends off debt collectors. At school, she’s awkward and shy. Plus, she may flunk out of she doesn’t stop obsessing about science, her passion and the one thing she’s good at…very good at.

Desperate to bring in money, she enters a prestigious science contest with a big cash prize. At the awards, Kira draws the attention of celebrated professor, Dr. Gregory Munn (as well as his handsome assistant), eventually leading to a part time-job in a top-secret laboratory. 

The job is mostly cleaning floors and equipment, but one night, while running her own experiment, she revives a lab rat that has died in her care.

One minute the rat is dead, the next it is not.

Suddenly, she’s the remarkable wunderkind, the girl who can bring back the dead. Everything is going her way. But it turns out that science can be a dangerous business, and Kira is swept up into a world of international rivalry with dark forces that threaten her life. 


…This is a compelling YA debut from the internationally bestselling Leimbach. All the characters have depth, especially Kira, whose growth will entice readers to invest in her struggles and cheer for her successes. Leimbach also handles the science well, explaining what is happening without letting it slow down the action, focusing more on the characters’ emotions than the scientific procedures. The book lends itself to upcoming volumes, which should be eagerly anticipated. Kira’s race isn’t specified, and there is a range of racial and ethnic diversity among secondary characters. VERDICT: A thrilling debut with a heroine to root for and an excellent story that will keep surprising readers.

– School Library Journal, December 2020

—School Library Journal, Dec 2, 2020

Dragonfly Girl is a uniquely smart book. Readers will be challenged and delighted, as I was, by its originality. Invest some time in Dragonfly Girl and let author, Marti Leimbach, take you on a surprising and thrilling ride.

DRAGONFLY GIRL is unlike any other book I have read. The plot is taut and devilishly cunning, the science behind the story is brilliantly researched, and the writing pulls you in and doesn’t let go until the very last page. You’ll find yourself aching for the heroine’s hardships at first, before suddenly being whisked off into a heart-thumping adventure that will leave you breathless. THIS BOOK SLAPS.

—Jesse Q Sutanto, author of DIAL A FOR AUNTIES & THE OBSESSION

…fast pace and high stakes are engaging…An exciting adventure about a girl in STEM 

– Kirkus Reviews

I loved Dragonfly Girl. Can there be a better way to nudge young people toward the sciences than to introduce them to Kira Adams…? Marti Leimbach has written an intriguing and thrilling novel that could very well entice young people to take a closer look at careers in science…