Find out What’s Haunting Me (a Caroline Leavitt Interview)

Every writer wants to be interviewed by Caroline Leavitt. This New York Times bestselling author is a great friend to other authors, always interviewing them, asking them interesting questions and being basically the nicest human in the world. So, of course, I was thrilled when Caroline wanted to read DRAGONFLY GIRL and ask me some questions!

Here’s the beginning of the chat with a link if you want to skip ahead to Caroline’s great blog and read it all there!


A YA that celebrates science! Marti Leimbach talks about DRAGONFLY GIRL, a heroine who finds the cure for death and what was obsessing her in the writing.

What is more exciting than a YA novel about science featuring a science-loving girl who has found the cure for death? Called a YA thriller for people who loved The Queen’s Gambit (and who didn’t, I ask you?) Dragonfly Girl makes the astonishing, the magical, seem possible. School Library Journal calls it “thrilling, with a heroine to root for.”

I first heard about Marti Leimbach because she wrote the international bestseller, DYING YOUNG, which was made into a blockbuster movie. She’s also the author of The Man From Saigon and Daniel Isn’t Talking, and she is a core tutor at oxford University’s creative writing program.  Also, I would be amiss if I didn’t mention RATS: Marti breeds them as part of the National Fancy Rat Society. But most importantly to me, Marti and I became friends and I adore her. Thank you so much, Marti for writing something for my Nothing is Cancelled Book Tour blog.

What was haunting you in writing this book? Like my 17-year old heroine, Kira, in Dragonfly Girl, I like reading science research papers. I worry a little that whatever medical treatment I learn about won’t arrive soon enough for me, or be affordable. So I read these papers with a mixture of hope and dread, certain that I or someone dear to me might die of something that, in the near future, will be totally treatable. 

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