And How To Deal With Good Reviews…


Nothing makes an author feel better than getting good, early reviews of her book. While we cannot know how many readers will be won by such reviews, I am delighted with these beautiful quotes from Publishers Weekly and Booklist, not to mention the star!



“A nuanced portrayal of a mother and daughter at once linked and divided by a ferociously exploitative man….Treating June’s perspective as richly as Bobbie’s, the novel brings memorable depth to issues often oversimplified; Leimbach’s scenes are convincing, whether they portray harrowing abuse or subtle moments of healing.”—Publishers Weekly


“Leimbach is known for tackling tough subjects in an unflinching manner, and this novel is no exception. Bobbie’s story is often difficult to read, but the descriptions of abuse don’t come across as gratuitous or overdone. The alternating chapters, told from June’s perspective, show how insidious predators can be—her denial of the truth continues even when she is directly confronted with the facts. Readers who enjoy issue-driven women’s fiction—and who can handle the dark subject matter—will be moved by Bobbie’s story.”—Booklist, STARRED review



The full review from Publishers Weekly can be read here on their website. Meanwhile, I am waiting for the publication of Booklist, which has given AGE OF CONSENT a starred review. Today, it feels good to be an author. Tomorrow, of course, may feel different. And this is the life of a writer–everyone tells you what they think long after there is anything you can do about it. And would you do something about it? Mostly, you would not.


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