On The Pleasure of (Not) Writing

I know writers aren’t supposed to admit this, but sometimes I don’t want to write too much. It’s good to have some silence, maybe let someone else do the writing for awhile.


In a couple of weeks time, I’m having dinner with a remarkable writer named Richard Mason. He’s also one of the co-founders of Orson & Co, a company that is in possession of the finest e-book reading technology in the world.


He’s confounding in the breadth of his abilities. Not only is he in an entrepreneur but he also runs two different charities in addition to writing novels. With the money he earned with his first novel,  Mason found the educational charity,  The Kay Mason Charity, whose patron is Archbishop Desmond Tutu.


I read The Drowning People yesterday. I can’t remember that last time I sat down and read an entire novel end to end. The  experience of exclusive reading with no long interruptions gives me is different to one in which I have several books on the go and am dipping in and out.  The Drowning People is a lovely book, very English. It recalls in its prose a whole history of other novels I’ve loved, including Rebecca.


What a pleasure, not only to read a good book almost in a single gulp, but to feel no need to get to writing my own–at least for a day. It’s the weekend, after all.




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