Age of Consent….in Britain


Age of Consent by Marti Leimbach

March 17, 2016

Age Of Consent

045662-FC50A powerful, compelling, topical novel about a relationship between a radio DJ and a teenage girl from the author of Dying Young and Daniel Isn’t Talking

“She suddenly remembered a film he’d had her watch with Marlon Brando and a young, bewildered actress. In it, Brando’s character had hit the girl with the heel of a shoe while she was naked in a bath. I wouldn’t do that to you, Craig had said as she gazed wretchedly at the film. He was making a point about his gentleness. I wouldn’t rap your skull with a shoe. Years later, she would remember Last Tango In Paris all over again, but for different reasons. She would wonder what had been wrong in the 1970’s that such film could have existed, with Maria Schneider being only nineteen in real life. With Brando being in his late forties. Why did the public not protest such a thing? It had been a terrible time, the 70s. At least a terrible time for girls like her.”

Published 14th July 2016 | Hardback | 9780007307098 | RRP £12.99

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