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Postcard of My Life

  Writing at 6.00 am and I suddenly need reminding of the coldest of cold for this scene. I want to hear another writer’s description, what they chose to pick…


Night At The Theatre

1   My son’s illness arrived abruptly one evening with every sign of stomach virus: vomiting, exhaustion, sweating, terrible bloating and pain. I said, Ring the café and tell them…

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What’s not on your CV?

  My CV is a long list of publications, teaching gigs and speaking events. It is barely more informative than the business card I never use, one that lists my…


How I Win (& Lose) for My Son With Autism

  Since Nick was diagnosed with autism in 1999, various education caseworkers have been assigned to him. There was a gentle man with a white goatee who retired to Yorkshire.…



  The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting — Sun Tzu   It started with The War For Talent, McKinsey’s 1997 announcement that the world…


Neurodiversity & Early Intervention

    All human brains are similar in structure and function; it is the microscopic variation in how they connect internally, synapse to synapse, that defines our individuality and what we…