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    Alfred Hitchcock And How To Teach Autistic Children

        Alfred Hitchcock has something to tell us about educating children—I know that is hard to believe.  I learned that during the film-making process he worked off two scripts. He had the normal script, what he called the “blue script”, which included all the…

  • Autism

    Why You Shouldn’t Wait For An Autism Diagnosis

      My son was diagnosed with autism early here in the United Kingdom, where the current wait for an assessment for autism is over two years. In fact, Network Autism recently published an article indicating parents “tended to wait around 3½ years before receiving an autism diagnosis…

  • Autism

    The Insider’s Guide to My Celebration of Ganna

      Five years ago, I took my son, who was then aged fourteen, to a Greek Orthodox Church, dropping him off at 11:15am and then hiding among closed Sunday shops in Reading until half an hour before the service was due to end at 1pm.…