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How I Got Interested in Dog Behaviour

 (first published by Huffington Post, September 20, 2016) We bought a puppy, the most adorable puppy. We named her Gemma and took her home, discovering she was carsick along the…

Blogs On Dogs

I Bake For Dogs

  Three days ago, the Cat Protection League posted their amazing video on how to make cat treats out of tinned cat food. I’ve posted it at the bottom of this blog…

Blogs About Dogs

Dog Food Fights

  Dog food is a highly-charged topic among dog owners. Dog food is downright political. You get factions; you get tribes. There are those who only feed their dog a…

Writing Advice

Let’s Talk About Writing Well

I wish people would stop trying to use metaphoric language and sound “writerly”. It’s wrecking many otherwise good books. I might not have read Patrick Barkham’s beautifully delivered history on badgers,…

The Writer's Economy

Editors Vary

  People working within the publishing industry just don’t understand each other.   In the July 26th issue of The Bookseller, Katy Guest, editor of Independent on Sunday’s books pages…

The Writer's Economy

The New Freelancers

  Earlier this year, The Financial Times reported that fifty-four million workers in the US are now freelancing for a living. The word freelancing, traditionally associated with writing and journalism,…

Blogs About Dogs

Good Writing Companions

    I am in my office, a rectangle with room only for a desk and some books shelves. A big window overlooks the front garden where messy bushes lead to a…

Writing Advice

Learn to Write Flash Fiction

  The novelist and short story writer, Jayne Anne Phillips, stated that flash fiction taught her how to write.   Phillips began as a poet but discovered through flash fiction what…