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Three days ago, the Cat Protection League posted their amazing video on how to make cat treats out of tinned cat food. I’ve posted it at the bottom of this blog because you’ll want to see it. They did a great job and the treats look fantastic.


I am grateful to CPL for the video, but also that they did not cook their cat food in my house, because cat food stinks even when it is in the tin, let alone when you heat it up.


But not so with Forthglade dog food, as I discovered while stealing the CPL’s great idea on treat-making, and applying it to my dogs, who need training treats.


Forthglade is a high quality, cooked dog food. Human grade meat cooked slowly to retain maximum nutritional benefits, it’s a good food. It looks like this if you buy it from Tesco’s:



Today, I made treats out of the Forthglade. I got a cookie tray, like this:


I did not cut the food up on a chopping block as described in the Cat Protection League video but cut it up in its original packaging, then moved the pieces onto the tray with a fork.  Much easier, plus you don’t have to have a butcher’s block that smells like cat food (or dog food in this case).


I lined the tray, then placed the treats on the top, and put them in the oven for about 25 minutes.


Forthglade makes food that would satisfy the palettes of meat-eating humans, so the place smells like lamb stew, not dog food. Having said that, I’m a vegan so I opened the windows.

I’m not a great baker, so I kept my expectations low. But guess what? The little treats cooked into nutritious dog treats! No grains, no fillers…just meat and vegetables in a little quadrangle of goodness.


I can even hold them in my hand:


The real test is whether or not my dogs like the treats. Let’s see…

To see how the Cat Protection League does it, follow these directions, but don’t worry about the butcher’s block. And don’t be surprised if half the neighbourhood cats arrive through your open windows….

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