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Writing Advice

How I Deal With Bad Reviews

      If you are a working writer, you are going to have to deal with bad reviews. Luckily, the best reviewers don’t write 100% hateful reviews of books so…

Writing Advice

To Plot Or Not

  I am often asked if when beginning a novel it is best to work with an outline. It sounds so logical to say that, yes, of course it is…


On The Pleasure of (Not) Writing

I know writers aren’t supposed to admit this, but sometimes I don’t want to write too much. It’s good to have some silence, maybe let someone else do the writing for…

Writing Advice

The Writing Must Astonish

    Last night the poet, Hilda Sheehan, presented Kenneth Koch’s advice in The Art of Poetry to a group of writers wishing to “release” a poem to the public. A…

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Do you ever wonder if established writers, even those teaching at universities, go to writing workshops themselves? The answer: whenever we get the chance! I am delighted to be taking…

The Writer's Economy

Necessary Failures

    In 2006 Hilary Mantel and I went on a book tour together. This was back before she became an untouchably famous, extremely revered double Booker prize winner and…