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    "I am transcribed into every page; characters and bits of dialogue serve to illuminate me no matter how removed the story is from my own life."



    Let me first tell you what happens when I read a good review of my books. It feels almost like a love letter, and even better than a few actual love letters I have received. In those letters there is the expectation of my returning to the sender the thing that they crave, the affection or commitment, for example. They write that they love me but their promise has the parenthetical qualification (I love you as long as long as you love me). Between words is the question: can you love me back? Like this? Can you love me even more? I must respond or lose the promise. The urgency is in keeping with the level of emotion, the intimacy as fragile as any new creation.


    By contrast, a good review is a gift. There is no expectation of reciprocity, not even a thank you. And even though it is about a book of mine, it feels like it is about me.

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    Blog...book Publishing, not the game it use to be


    "What matters, Godin would argue, is that you deliver a great book. That you deliver a great book and then give it to those who want it or need it."


    The famous business writer and visionary, Seth Godin, recently stated on a podcast with Mark Stelzner of Social Media Examiner that if you are going into books to make money, that’s a wrong idea. He states that even though he has 18 bestselling books in 38 languages, he could barely make a living off his own books.

    Well, I suppose it depends on what he means by making a living.

    Godin is a thought leader whose blog is read by more than any other in the world, a man with 476K followers on Twitter while following zero.

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    Blog...It Was Better Than Sex

    Better Than Sex…

    "I have been reckless in the pursuit of love, never afraid to ask or describe to a man how I want to be touched, but I have never been touched like this, would not have known to ask. In the glowing light from candles set against the terracotta walls, a man whose name I don’t know, shows me what I ought to have been looking for all along."


    The marble table is heated and wet so when you lie on it there is almost no friction. To move a limb, you slip right, left, up, down as though you are skating on hot ice. The young Spaniard with a heavy beard and a red tank top loose across his shoulders tells me to lie on my back, then gently rolls me, his hand on my hip, until I am in the right position for him to work on.

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    ...Blog...E-booking...part one! Proofing the Pages

    Ebooking...part one! Proofing the Pages

    "Visiting my old self through the novel, re-reading the words of that young woman of twenty-five years ago, is an extraordinary experience, like finding an old diary."

    I shouldn’t be blogging right now, but continuing my proofreading of my first book, the 1990 novel, Dying Young, that will be coming out as an e-book within the next few months. That is, if I can stop myself taking pictures of myself, my kids, my dogs, my friends, and sending to Facebook and Twitterland. As much fun as I have on Twitter and Facebook, I must remember to do the main thing: writing.

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