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    Theatre: Nicole Kidman in PHOTOGRAPH 51

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    Theatre: Nicole Kidman in PHOTOGRAPH 51


    Rosalind Franklin never married. What she knew of childbirth came from information given her by a medical student at Cambridge. She was interested in crystals and shapes and science and genetics. Her life could not have been further from that of the actress, Nicole Kidman, whose depiction of Franklin is beautifully realized in Anna Ziegler’s new play, Photograph 51, at the Noel Coward Theatre in London’s West End.

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    New Novel: Age of Consent



    I couldn't title the damned thing. It was A Thousand Dollars. It was Criminal Love. It was Target: Girl. It was ideas sent from the offices of Penguin Random House in the US. It was ideas sent to me by friends. About the time I thought I could not figure out a decent title for this novel which is being published in July 2016 (!!!) I was saved by Paul Sweeten, who came up with what everyone on both sides of the Atlantic agreed was a good title: Age of Consent.

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    I Got To Be A Student Today (kind of)



    I’ve been having a wonderful time here in Sarasota, Florida, where my daughter is now enrolled in Ringling College Of Art + Design, and is studying computer animation. It is fun to be a parent and listen to the teachers here explain the program, which seeks to prepare people for the animation industry.


    I was sitting with my daughter listening to an introductory talk by one of the animation faculty this morning. He was describing what it takes to become a good animator. It sounded very much like what it takes to be a good writer, and I thought I’d share some of what he said, though I his remarks to how they  might be applied to writing.


    For example....


    “Make your hand do what your eye is seeing.”

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    Notes On Starting A New Novel


    The scenario is familiar: I am thinking about writing a book and I am feeling stupid.

    All the other authors have come up with clever constructions and intriguing plots and characters, titles that make you want to open the book in the first place. All the other authors includes…who? Oh, you know, them. They are out there; I don’t know, elsewhere.

    Having written good novels myself means nothing. Like love affairs, these novels had their unique qualities but they are over, in the past.

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